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Many of our customers, and potential customers, have inquired about
the facility in which we locate our equipment.

While the facility has always been open to visitors in our area by appointment only, we have never before provided photographs of the facility on our website.

We have decided to provide you a short tour of the facility on this page.

There is nothing fancy, no touched up photographs or special photography...just the real thing taken with a digital camera by one of our systems engineers.

Our equipment is protected by 4 layers of physical security starting right at the front door. Card key access is required to enter the building.

The second layer of security is inside the building. This is the first door of the man trap leading to the data center floor. This door requires card key access and must be closed before the next door can be opened.

There is a second door leading to the data center floor. This door is equipped with a hand scanner and cannot be opened until the first door is securely closed. This door is being upgraded to fingerprint scanning and card key access, again to meet the SAS 70 requirements.

Our fourth layer of physical security is the locked cage surrounding all of our equipment. This cage requires card key access.

We continue our security procedures inside the cage with security cameras recording all activity in and around our cage.

Our caged space is fed by dedicated power and air conditioning.

We utilize only Dell servers, providing you reliability and performance.

Our clustered virtualized servers comprized of Dell PowerEdge R610 (control) and 40 core 256GB R810 (host) servers paired with Dell Equallogic PS6500E RAID 50 (96.6TB) and RAID 10 (28.8TB) SAN's. The entire cluster is fault tolerant and backed by Dell's 4 hour onsite Platinum service guarantee.

We know you want to see these... BACKUP UNITS! Dell PowerVault 220s Terabyte Hot Spare SCSI Systems


This ends our short tour. If you would like to see the faciltiy in person, please call for an appointment.

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